Poker Rooms

Playing poker online

A fabulous way to increase your experience of playing poker which is also a less costly way than going all the way to the card room is by playing it on the internet. Also, a lot of hands in an hour can be played as players have to act between time limits and no time is wasted shuffling.

The rise of online poker rooms
As compared to mortar and brick rooms, online poker rooms are quite new. The early ones that were accessible in the late nineties had many technological problems and were slow. But, as it is with all sciences, internet poker rooms showed quick improvement and now are good looking, technologically sound, proficient and speedy.

Internet poker
For those who are trying to learn a new game (of which they have little experience) and beginners in the poker arena, internet poker provides an excellent way to build their skill3, knowledge and luckily construct a bankroll. In many sites their play money can be used to play free poker. Other sites even have competitions that can be entered for free called “free rolls” in which winners are given real money. Moreover, limits as low as .01/.02 are offered by many websites. It is recommended that you should play at free tables just to learn the new game and/or get acquainted with the gaming technicalities. The micro limits game (.01/.02 till .25/.50) have a large percentage of awful players but they do provide a slight real experience of poker. The play improves as you start going through levels but you meet many bad players (like live poker) where limits are 3/6 or 5/10.

Start playing poker
If you want to start playing poker online then here is a way. As an experiment bankroll, a small amount between $20 and $100 should be set aside. Neteller and Firepay are internet bank sites where account can be opened. Then search for sites which provide a sign-up benefit, micro limit games and even play for free games. These free games can be played (software has to be downloaded first) to give a good experience of the game. Then play can be started by playing micro-limits game after depositing the money. Master the current level and then only think of moving up the limits. Through this way you can luckily construct a bankroll, gain precious experience and also improve your play. Most players, out of vanity, lose their money by playing high game of which they didn’t have any experience till yet. So, jumping into a game with higher limits before one is ready can make you lose a lot of money. This way can be used until you are experienced enough as there should be no embarrassment in learning with little money and playing poker. As it is a lifetime play provided by a good online study aid, learning the game should never be stopped and one should not hesitate to move back if struggling in a higher level. This game is fun and online play is a worthwhile earn while learn opportunity.

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