Max’s Bad Beat Story

This happened to Max in a home game. About two hours in the game, he was dealt pocket aces. He raised and two players called. The flop was 2-5-8 rainbow. Max bet again but the second player went all in. The third guy folded. Max called the all in bet. The guy had 3-8. The guy who folded has an eight so quad 8s is out of the equation. The turn was an eight which rendered Max’s pocket aces useless. Then the guy said he just wanted to go home that’s why he went all in.

Delayed Flight and a Bad Beat

He should have seen it coming. His flight was delayed for almost 6 hours due to bad weather. He went straight for the poker table when he arrived at the hotel. His first hand was a king pair. He raised and all the other players folded except for one. Flop is K-8-8. He checked, trying to slow hand his opponent. The turn is another 8. Worried that his opponent has an 8, he checked. The river is 8 again. The full house is nullified and to make things worst, his opponent won on an A-Q hand.